The Food, Bad and The Uggly

July 12, 2010 Chef

Candwich is a Sandwich in a can!

Never again face the trouble of making sanwiches for a picnic yourself! A new revolutionary product called Candwich offers you the novelty of buying ready made sandwiches in a can. The available flavours include such delicacies as strawberry jelly with peanut butter, grape jelly with peanut butter,  and of course the most tempting option: BBQ chicken!

What will they come up next with, I wonder?

January 27, 2010 Chef

Bleeding heart -gummy candy


The best feature of this heart-shaped sweet is, that it’s filled with blood-like liquid which will squirt out when chewed on. I would say that this is definitely not for the sensitive ones. On the other hand – what a better way to say I love you for the valentine’s day that to give you a sweet heart to chew on?

Available at for $7.99

January 1, 2010 Chef

Live fish is really fresh sushi!

Am not really sure if I would have the heart to feast on a fish, who would still look me in the eye while being eaten?

August 15, 2009 Chef

Brain Cupcakes


Even though there’s nothing new in baking cakes or cooking things that look like brains, somehow this example of the combination gives me some extra-creeps! The lovely combination of rasberry cake, cream cheese frosting and chocolate brains is a creation of a creative individual called Pamela on Flickr.



August 3, 2009 Chef

Kooky-Chew is dog food for humans


Have you ever heard about the urban legend about Soviet Union Olympic athletes, whose travel bugets were supposedly extremely tight? The story goes, that their “official” instructions were to buy dog food to eat, as it is relatively rich in proteins and calories.

Well, Soviet Union is part of the past, but there still seems to be some human interest in eating dog food. At least there is a product available, which looks like dog food, but is in fact meant for humans to eat. The meal consists of crunchy cookie cibbles with nuts, and as a bonus there’s even a candy bone to chew on as a dessert. How lovely!

Available from for $1,49 per portion

July 29, 2009 Chef

The Bacon Hitler


Would be great to hear about this guys political views…

October 12, 2008 Chef

Human breast milk offered on a swiss restaurant menu

A Swiss restaurand n the exclsive Winterthur resort introduced recently a new menu, which has a list of special disheds containing at least 75% of human breast milk. These spe4cialities contain such meals as meat stew and soup.

So, if you think you “quit the habit” too hastly, now is your chance to get back the lost “nutritions”


September 4, 2008 Chef

Virginia style school lunch

I wonder how many parents actually realize what sort of garbage their kids are putting in to their mouth in the public school cafeterias? Well, looking at these pictures of school lunch menu from the Harrisonburg School district in Virginia definitely brings back some school dinner traumas to myself.

What is also notable, that these pictures are not taken by disappointed students, but they have bee put to the internet by the school system officials themselves.

More pictures viewable at the “source” in

August 31, 2008 Chef

Bubble Gum cigarettes – Just like Dad!

Here’s a heartwarming Bubble Gum cigarettes package from the “good old days” when smoking was still considered hip, cool and NOT unhealthy. How many of you admit using these as a “gateway smokes” before swithchin to the real thing?