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Kooky-Chew is dog food for humans


Have you ever heard about the urban legend about Soviet Union Olympic athletes, whose travel bugets were supposedly extremely tight? The story goes, that their “official” instructions were to buy dog food to eat, as it is relatively rich in proteins and calories.

Well, Soviet Union is part of the past, but there still seems to be some human interest in eating dog food. At least there is a product available, which looks like dog food, but is in fact meant for humans to eat. The meal consists of crunchy cookie cibbles with nuts, and as a bonus there’s even a candy bone to chew on as a dessert. How lovely!

Available from for $1,49 per portion

Cat litter cake tastes delicious – looks like cat shit

Cat litter cake tastes delicious - looks like cat shit

Me and my spouse have a birthday related tradition – each birthday the hero of the day gets to wish for look a for the birthday cake he/she will receive. So far the realized wishes have included for example Spiderman, an elk, Hobbes, etc. One thing that never crossed my mind though was to wish for a cake which would look like cat litter. However it seems, that the imagination of some people do not seem to have limits. Here is a cake baked by Andrea James, which indeed does look like cat litter.

The detailed instructions on how to bake your own cat litter cake can be found from here (particularly noteworthy is the instruction to use fresh, NON USED litterbox)

(via: boingboing)