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Human breast milk offered on a swiss restaurant menu

A Swiss restaurand n the exclsive Winterthur resort introduced recently a new menu, which has a list of special disheds containing at least 75% of human breast milk. These spe4cialities contain such meals as meat stew and soup.

So, if you think you “quit the habit” too hastly, now is your chance to get back the lost “nutritions”


Vietnamese Duck blood soup is best served fresh

If you are into really disgusting delicacies (which I guess you are, since you are here), then here’s a true treat for you! Vietnamese duck blood spoup is best served fresh. In fact, the soup consista of only raw, uncooked duck blood, which is normally flavoured with ginger and some vegetables. Quick, fresh and supposedly very tasty. Yummy!


It’s lunchtime – to the bat soup Robin!

 It’s lunchtime - to the bat soup Robin!

If you have to cook and eat bat soup, couldn’t you then at least chop the bat in pieves before serving it? Well – suppose that it would spoil the whole tourist scaring effect.

Bat soup as pictured is a local speciality served at the Palau islands located in the pacific ocean. Be sure to try it out, should you ever travel across (if you have the stomach – that is.)