The Food, Bad and The Uggly

Virginia style school lunch

I wonder how many parents actually realize what sort of garbage their kids are putting in to their mouth in the public school cafeterias? Well, looking at these pictures of school lunch menu from the Harrisonburg School district in Virginia definitely brings back some school dinner traumas to myself. What is also notable, that these […]

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Alien sushi gummies

Wouldn’t you just love to enjoy some alien-themed-sushi-shaped-gummies? As the package says: “It’s a deliciously fun decapitated candy treat!”. Available in Jaan. Chopsticks included, naturally. I can not imagine what else you could wish for?! Source:

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Mickey Mouse pizza

Why settle for a Mickey Pizza, when you can have the Mickeys pizza salami? Ok, this was a bit cheap shot, but they asked for it! Available in German supermarkets for all those Mickey hungry kids!

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