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Virginia style school lunch

I wonder how many parents actually realize what sort of garbage their kids are putting in to their mouth in the public school cafeterias? Well, looking at these pictures of school lunch menu from the Harrisonburg School district in Virginia definitely brings back some school dinner traumas to myself.

What is also notable, that these pictures are not taken by disappointed students, but they have bee put to the internet by the school system officials themselves.

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Heart Attack Grill delivers the calories

Would you say that some tastes are worth dying for? Well, that’s how grill located in Phoenix Arizona is advertizing it’s menu. The Bigges burger on the fittingly named “Heart Attack Grill” menu is called Quadruple Bypass Burger. The burger has no less than 8000 Calories (That’s about four times the amount of calories recommended for a grown man to consume per day!). On the side of your burger you might want to enjoy some filter free cigarettes, Jolt Cola with extra coffein and off course fries deepfired in pure lard!

Well, if it brings any comfort, at least the grill waitresses are dressed up as nurses. Heart attack Grill as featured in the Japanese TV after the jump.

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Canned cheeseburger – a true takeaway burger

Canned cheeseburger - a true burger takeaway

If the lack of burger joints in the wilderness ever prevented you from making a trip to the nature, this has to be no more. A german hiking food online shop called ” Trekking mahlzeiter” has the solution – From now on you can just get your cheeseburgers in a can to take with you.

Even though I find it extremely hard to believe that the burger in the picture above came out from a can. If so, then it looks hell of a lot tastier that the average cheeseburer you get from MacDonalds!