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Meathouse – a puppet house made of meat

meat house

Do you feel that baking ginger bread houses is just not masculine enough for a grown man, but still you would like to be able to cook yourself an edible puppet house? No worries, A blogger named Joel Richards has invented the meat house – a puppet house that is entirely made out of meat.

Meathouse - a puppet house made of meat

More pictures and full cooking instructions can be found from the inventors blog at www.easyjo.com

Just can not figure out, if this should be categorized as playing with your food, or simply as a recipe among others?

Fake food

Fake food

The huge movie industry in United States creates demand for some quite peculiar business opportunities. The New York City located Trengove Studios Inc. which produces highly authentic looking movie props, has particularly specialized in creating realistic looking fake food. Food that that can not be eaten, but never gets spoiled either.

The company has a catalog of almost every kind of foodstuff imaginable. The prices of fake food articles range from about ten bucks all the way up to hundreds of dollars per piece.

The comprehensive product catalog can be found from the company website at:www.trengovestudios.com