The Food, Bad and The Uggly

September 4, 2007 Chef

Japanese fake food competition

are you a master in cooking delicious looking meals, which often only tend to disappoint in their flavour?

No reason to get depressed, just pack you packs and head for Japan. In Japan you can compete in the category of most appealing looking fake foods. You are right – the taste does not matter!

August 28, 2007 Chef

Fake food

Fake food

The huge movie industry in United States creates demand for some quite peculiar business opportunities. The New York City located Trengove Studios Inc. which produces highly authentic looking movie props, has particularly specialized in creating realistic looking fake food. Food that that can not be eaten, but never gets spoiled either.

The company has a catalog of almost every kind of foodstuff imaginable. The prices of fake food articles range from about ten bucks all the way up to hundreds of dollars per piece.

The comprehensive product catalog can be found from the company website

December 21, 2006 Chef

Website about offal cooking


Have you ever been wondering about how to utilize the parts of animal body
that nobody normally wants to eat?

Offal good is a website that describes
itself as “an educational and inspirational tool for those who are
interested in learning and cooking with offal.”

I imagine that anyone interested in Uglyfood blog will be into this stuff as

December 4, 2006 Chef

Ugly food blog

This blog will demonstrate the most hideous culinary delights that the human kind has to offer