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Chewing gum that makes you smell like roses

A new japanese chewing gum called “Otoko Kaoru” does not only refresh your breath, but also makes your whole body smell good. Chewing gum called “Otoko Kaoru”, which traslates to “man scent” emits rose smelling oils when being chewed on, causing the chewers whole body to start smelling like roses few hours afterwards. The whole thing works in a similar manner as garlic, or alcohol, which also affect the smell of the person who has digested them – only in a less positive manner.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer has told, that the “man scent” chewing gum has already proved to be so big success, that they could not meet the demand in the market.

Source: www.stippy.com

Larva chocolate has legs made out of dried squid

Larva chocolate has legs made out of real squid

This Japanese treat called Larva Chocolate will surely awake the interest of all the ugly food chocolate lovers! These handmade chocolate bon-bons, which depict a beetle larva are made by a japanese confectionery called Komatsuya. The larva itself is made of white chocolate, milk chocolate and cornflakes. The most interesting part of the candy is definitely its legs, which are made of dried squid.