The Food, Bad and The Uggly

January 27, 2010 Chef

Bleeding heart -gummy candy


The best feature of this heart-shaped sweet is, that it’s filled with blood-like liquid which will squirt out when chewed on. I would say that this is definitely not for the sensitive ones. On the other hand – what a better way to say I love you for the valentine’s day that to give you a sweet heart to chew on?

Available at for $7.99

June 5, 2008 Chef

Beating heart of a frog and other bizarre Japanese dishes

If you ever visit Japan, do not forget to try our the Frog sashimi and the fresh, still beating heart of a frog. Flushed down with a refreshing glas of lizard sake. How else?

February 16, 2007 Chef

Anatomically correct gummy heart candy

Anatomically correct gummy heart candy

Even though the Valentine’s day is long gone, it is never too late to remember the special person you love, with an Anatomically correct gummy heart candy.

Yours to give for $4,95