The Food, Bad and The Uggly

An American marine drinks the blood of a cobra

“American Marine drinks the blood of a cobra after an exercise of survival in the jungle in a field of training in Chanthaburi, Thailand.” Need we say more? Source:

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How to eat a Triple Whopper like a snake?

A rather funny Burger King commercial showing how a guy eats a Triple whopper burgrger in a very Boa constrictor -fashion. I am not sure if the commercial hits quite the right spot though. At least my appetite was not aroused…

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Egyptian army soldiers eating snakes, frogs, rabbits and more!

On the video a whole batallion of Egyptian army soldiers eat all sorts of live animals. Looks like a some sort of manhood ritual combined with modern day army? Freaky stuff anyway. I Would not want to get face to face with them though (the smell of breath must be terrible!)

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