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Fake food

Fake food

The huge movie industry in United States creates demand for some quite peculiar business opportunities. The New York City located Trengove Studios Inc. which produces highly authentic looking movie props, has particularly specialized in creating realistic looking fake food. Food that that can not be eaten, but never gets spoiled either.

The company has a catalog of almost every kind of foodstuff imaginable. The prices of fake food articles range from about ten bucks all the way up to hundreds of dollars per piece.

The comprehensive product catalog can be found from the company website

Subscribe to food insects newsletter

Subscribe to food insects newsletter

Fancy cooking with insects, but don’t know how to?

No worries, there’s help available in the wonderful world of Internet! Florence V. Dunkel, Ph.D. is the editor of the food  insects newsletter. In addition to recipes found from the newsletter homepage, you can also subscribe to a printed version of the newsletter for the reasonable annual price of US$12.00.


Nick Paine – The World’s only culinary archeologist

Nick Paine - The World's Only culinary archeologist

A man called Nick Paine claims to be the only culinary archeolorist in the world.
Nick’s aims is to preserve the worlds disappearin culinary peculiarities by filming them and combining them into films for people to see and experience around the world.

On his web site Nick tells about some of the strange recipes he’a stumbled upon along with his journeys. The site also includes some incredible stories and photographs from around his destinations. Ofcourse to get best into Nick’s world, you should try to get a hold on his filmed adventures called “Nick Paine’s Exotic Kitchen.”