The Food, Bad and The Uggly

Egyptian army soldiers eating snakes, frogs, rabbits and more!

On the video a whole batallion of Egyptian army soldiers eat all sorts of live animals. Looks like a some sort of manhood ritual combined with modern day army? Freaky stuff anyway. I Would not want to get face to face with them though (the smell of breath must be terrible!)

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Nick Paine – The World’s only culinary archeologist

A man called Nick Paine claims to be the only culinary archeolorist in the world. Nick’s aims is to preserve the worlds disappearin culinary peculiarities by filming them and combining them into films for people to see and experience around the world. On his web site Nick tells about some of the strange recipes he’a […]

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In Nigeria, Locust are called the Desert shrimp

In Nigeria the resouceful locals have turned the annual disaster that the locust used to cause to the crops, to an annual banquet. After deep frying, The locust supposedly tastes pretty much like real shrimp. Source:

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