The Food, Bad and The Uggly

March 18, 2008 Chef

Baby mice wine

What would be the most discusting substance you could imagine flavouring your wine with? Well, I’m sure baby mice would not come too far off?

Baby mice wine is a traditional Korean health drink, which is brewed by drowning alive baby mice, maximum three days old, in rice moonshine and letting them to ferment in the bottle for about a year. According to local Korean belief, mouse wine is a cure to just about any illness imaginable, includin asthma and liver problems among others.

If mice wine does not do the trick for you, do not forget to try out the Cobra Schnaps we reported on a few days ago!


July 3, 2007 Chef

Korean red bean fish sandwich ice cream

Korean red bean fish sandwich ice cream

It’s fish, it’s ice cream, it’s sanwich and it’s made from red beans. What else could you ask for, really? Available in Korea.

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May 18, 2007 Chef

A Korean restaurant that specializes in dog meat

Personallý I think, that eating dog meat is really no more unethical than eating pigs for example. However, as we here in the West see dogs as man’s best friend, most people find the habit rather disgusting.

Here’s a video about Korean restaurant in China, which specializes in dishes made from dog meat.

Lassie, NOOOO!