The Food, Bad and The Uggly

August 15, 2009 Chef

Brain Cupcakes


Even though there’s nothing new in baking cakes or cooking things that look like brains, somehow this example of the combination gives me some extra-creeps! The lovely combination of rasberry cake, cream cheese frosting and chocolate brains is a creation of a creative individual called Pamela on Flickr.



February 28, 2007 Chef

German pig’s head brawn

German Pig head brawn

Them Germans’ sure know how to prepare their pig’s heads into a delicious brawn!

The brand name “Schweinekopf Sülze” of this product by Dreistern translaters directly into: “pig’s head brawn”

Available from any well equipped supermarket from around Germany.

February 26, 2007 Chef

Brain shaped Jello form

Brain shaped Jello form

Havent you always dreamed of being able to serve your guest brain shaped, anatomically correct gray Jello pudding? – Now you can!

Brain shaped Yello molds are available at Prankplace shop for the low price of $7.89 per form, including instructions on how to make your Yello brains look as authentic as possible!


December 28, 2006 Chef

Mouse brains or chestnuts?


Is it just me, or don’t you think that peeled chestnuts look pretty much like mouse brains as well?

December 4, 2006 Chef

Monkey brains


Monkey brains are definitely one of the most legendarily revolting delights ever!

From the website of Indian located Benny Agra you can order your own chimp for eating or for a pet. Benny even promises delivery to anywhere in the world within 30 days of order. Benny sells you one chimp for 5000,- bucks, or 3 for 10.000,-

Barbaric as hell!

December 4, 2006 Chef

Lihamakaronilaatikko – a finnish pasta casserole


A finnish food producing company Saarioinen manufactures this delightful TV -dinner meal for true friends of pasta dishes!

On this picture the delicasy is prepared on a frying pan. It is advisable to reserve loads of ketchup to be consumed as a sidedish!