The Food, Bad and The Uggly

Vegan junkfood is the biggest foodie trend at the moment!

Being vegan or vegetarian is still often associated with a desire to live minimalistic, super healthy and rather anemic life. Dishes such as burgers, nuggets and beer are not usually associated with people eating only vegan dishes. However, this conseption is about to change, and big time!

A Finnish movement, called Sipsikaljavegaanit (Translates to “ChipsBeerVegans”)started as a facebook movement, where people collectively started to share tasty, greasy and fully flavoured tips within vegan diet boundaries. The momevent quickly progressed to a widespread movement where the idology of people making good ethical choises does not necessarily mean that they have to be denied the pleasure of eating unhealthy.

Further down the movement has produced a book depicting the phenoma to it’s full extent. Recently there was also a comprehensive vegan junk food website launched which collects the most popular sipsikaljavegaani -recipes, as well as announces new food consumables which fit to the general concept.

Eat well, live happy, be vegan!

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