The Food, Bad and The Uggly

March 24, 2008 Chef

Absinthe lollipops

Personally I think that Absinthe tastes pretty much what I imagine that rat poison would taste like. Then again, there’s always the possibility of “cool hallicinations”, when consumed in substancial abounts. A private candy company lollyphile has come up with an idea to manyfacture lollipops out of absinthe. “made with real (and completely legal!) absinthe”

Awailable to order today for the price of $10 for a box of four.


February 13, 2008 Chef

Sweet PUSSY suckers -lollipops

Sweet Pussy Suckers lollipops

“Sweet Pussy Suckers come as a dozen pussy shaped chocolate lollipops per jar. manufactured by Pipe Dreams. Pipe Dreams 30 Years of Pleasure Always on the Cutting Edge!”

Get yours today from (or not so discreet this time) web shop for the price of $15,71