The Food, Bad and The Uggly

April 7, 2007 Chef

Bug eating party – a party that your friends will never forget!

Bug eating party - A party that your friends will never forget!

Would you like to organize a party that your friends will never forget? If the aswer is yes, you should definitely have a look in to this Bug eating party boardgame. The bug eating party includes everything you need for organizing your own party of eating bugs.

Here’s a quotation from the product description:

“The Really Wild Bug Eating Party
And now for something wildly different…

The Really Wild Bug Eating Party with real edible bugs!!!

Join your tribe, don your bandanna and prepare for the screaming to begin! Who will be the first to face a bug eating challenge? And who will be the ultimate bug eating party winner? Includes everything you need for an outrageous party of bug eating dares.Contains ants, crickets, meal-worms and a scorpion.”

Order yours today from the British Notjustballoons web shop for the price of £18,99 (about 38,- USD)

February 12, 2007 Chef

Giant roasted ants

Giant roasted ants

As they say anout Giant roasted ants:

“Have them on toast or maybe a quick snack. These ants are giants compared to our native ants and actually have pea sized abdomens, so you will have to chew before you swallow. Harvested by Guane Indians in Columbia they are then toasted with salt in a mud pot. They apparently have a similar taste to crispy bacon with an earthy taste, although we doubt these will replace a few slices of bacon between a crusty bit of bread. Enough in a pack to last a few bushtucker trials or two sandwiches.”

Yours to shop, serve and enjoy. £13,99 per bag from British Lazybone web shop.


January 28, 2007 Chef

Chocolate covered ants

chocolate covered ants

A British web shop called Firebox sells these intriguing chocolate covered ants. Yes, they are for eating as well!

Get yours today, for the price of $7.70 / box!