The Food, Bad and The Uggly

March 18, 2008 Chef

We have a new look!

How do you like our newly improved layout?

As new features we now also have a contact form for all that ugly food related feedback. Also, on the right side of the page you can now read the latest comments to keep up better with the conversation.

Hope you like. I do.

March 18, 2008 Chef

Chewing gum that makes you smell like roses

A new japanese chewing gum called “Otoko Kaoru” does not only refresh your breath, but also makes your whole body smell good. Chewing gum called “Otoko Kaoru”, which traslates to “man scent” emits rose smelling oils when being chewed on, causing the chewers whole body to start smelling like roses few hours afterwards. The whole thing works in a similar manner as garlic, or alcohol, which also affect the smell of the person who has digested them – only in a less positive manner.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer has told, that the “man scent” chewing gum has already proved to be so big success, that they could not meet the demand in the market.


March 17, 2008 Chef

Cobra schnaps

Here’s a drink that you can propose a memorable toast with. I particularly love the detail where the cobra is holding a smaller snake in it’s mouth. The drink was found a vietnamese liquor store.

I wonder if anyone has ever actually drank this stuff?


March 3, 2008 Chef

Vietnamese Duck blood soup is best served fresh

If you are into really disgusting delicacies (which I guess you are, since you are here), then here’s a true treat for you! Vietnamese duck blood spoup is best served fresh. In fact, the soup consista of only raw, uncooked duck blood, which is normally flavoured with ginger and some vegetables. Quick, fresh and supposedly very tasty. Yummy!


February 15, 2008 Chef

It’s lunchtime – to the bat soup Robin!

 It’s lunchtime - to the bat soup Robin!

If you have to cook and eat bat soup, couldn’t you then at least chop the bat in pieves before serving it? Well – suppose that it would spoil the whole tourist scaring effect.

Bat soup as pictured is a local speciality served at the Palau islands located in the pacific ocean. Be sure to try it out, should you ever travel across (if you have the stomach – that is.)


February 13, 2008 Chef

Sweet PUSSY suckers -lollipops

Sweet Pussy Suckers lollipops

“Sweet Pussy Suckers come as a dozen pussy shaped chocolate lollipops per jar. manufactured by Pipe Dreams. Pipe Dreams 30 Years of Pleasure Always on the Cutting Edge!”

Get yours today from (or not so discreet this time) web shop for the price of $15,71


February 4, 2008 Chef
February 4, 2008 Chef

Canned cheeseburger – a true takeaway burger

Canned cheeseburger - a true burger takeaway

If the lack of burger joints in the wilderness ever prevented you from making a trip to the nature, this has to be no more. A german hiking food online shop called ” Trekking mahlzeiter” has the solution – From now on you can just get your cheeseburgers in a can to take with you.

Even though I find it extremely hard to believe that the burger in the picture above came out from a can. If so, then it looks hell of a lot tastier that the average cheeseburer you get from MacDonalds!


January 29, 2008 Chef

Rookie alco-pops for beginning drinkers!

Rookie alco-pops for beginning drinkers

Don’t feel confident enough to be calling yourself a pro in alcohol drinking? No problem, the Plus-supermarket in Germany has a solution! Rookie Alco-pops in three different rookie preferred flavours are available for all you beginners to start drinking now! The flavours are: Iced Orange Energy, Caribie, or Ice.

Could this be the first true “gateway alcohol”?

January 23, 2008 Chef

Larva chocolate has legs made out of dried squid

Larva chocolate has legs made out of real squid

This Japanese treat called Larva Chocolate will surely awake the interest of all the ugly food chocolate lovers! These handmade chocolate bon-bons, which depict a beetle larva are made by a japanese confectionery called Komatsuya. The larva itself is made of white chocolate, milk chocolate and cornflakes. The most interesting part of the candy is definitely its legs, which are made of dried squid.