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Everyone has dreams...

...aspirations, which keep us going, noble goals that may lead into our greatest achievements. Not to forget the small dreams, the things that make our everyday life worthwhile and bring out the smile when we need one the most. These dreams are the wonderful things that inspire and motivate us, and that you are proud to share with your colleagues and loved ones.

But how to keep up with your dreams and achievements, not letting them be forgotten? And how to find new fascinating dreams when you are in need of inspiration? Or how to share and develop your dreams together with your loved ones, where ever they are? Book of Dreams is the solution.

Book of Dreams

Book of Dreams is a mobile app that lets you save your dreams and gives them a great cradle to grow. Through you social contacts you can also build up dreams together, or suggest one of your dreams to a friend. You can even "steal" a dream from someone you know when you are inspired by one of them.

Through Book of Dreams you can always keep a track of your dreams and achievements, find new aspirations for life, and share all this with your loved ones easily. Book of Dreams is positive, the ultimate happiness engine, which helps us to get inspired and to inspire others!

Would you like to know more?

Book of Dreams mobile app for iOs devices is currently in closed Beta. If you would like to get an invitation and join us in dreaming, please leave us your contact info through the form below, and we will send you an invitation as soon as we are ready for some more dreamers!

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